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Funny Pic [31 Aug 2006|01:32pm]

Ok, I'm a n00b, so I don't know if you guys have seen this one yet, probably, but I thought it was hillarious, so here it goes:

(3 pieces of compassion -------- pity him)

Orlando, you fruit! [16 May 2006|02:18pm]


Found in bravecows's journal, made by semiramis

* falls off chair, laughing *
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More about Will Turner. [07 May 2006|11:03am]

[ mood | heheheheeheee. ]

These icons I made follow on from some other icons I made a while ago, and as I said then - no offense intended. I like Orlando Bloom, personally, I just like making fun of him, too. ;)

Enjoy. *snicker* Bondgirl!Will...Collapse )

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Icons of sillyness [12 Apr 2006|04:53pm]

[ mood | omg! ]

drbillbongo said I should post this here, and so I shall. ;) I don't actually MIND him that much, but it's such FUN to make fun of him. That being the point. Nyeh. *shuts up* Enjoy! And, yes, crossposted to arrrrr

I made these, because we were SO amazed by what we saw. It is Orlando, featuring something that is...

Like, oh, my, god! For use as a banner or an icon. :D

(5 pieces of compassion -------- pity him)

[23 Mar 2006|03:47pm]

Just a little something I made for hils and she advised me to post here:

Hope you like - I think it neatly sums up his reaction to pretty much every situation his characters find themselves in.

(3 pieces of compassion -------- pity him)

the introduction of Orli Day... [23 Nov 2005|06:15pm]

[ mood | confused ]

hils, teh_farmer and I introduced the Orli Day to the world. It's a day of major confusion and especially a day on which everything goes wrong because of the confusion, since "confused" is one of Orli's two facial expressions.

We already did that quite a while ago, but strangely enough the announcement never made its way here, so I must remedy that.

If you want to listen to the Orli Day Phone Post with more explanations, you can do so here. [.mp3-file of 2,784 kB, right-click and save as...]

So - when was your last Orli Day? ;)

And a confused Orli pic for you...Collapse )

(7 pieces of compassion -------- pity him)

Oh dear [09 Nov 2005|06:14pm]

[ mood | amused ]

You guys HAVE to watch this. flickums gave me the link and I thought I was going to piss myself laughing.


(7 pieces of compassion -------- pity him)

Help these people! [16 Oct 2005|05:29pm]


Dear God, someone shoot me.

Once again I was giving myself a headache browsing through the IMDb Pirates forums (where people are still arguing over whether or not Bootstrap is coming back. Ow!), and I came across this person. There is a current debate going on, as someone posted saying that they weren't going to see the sequels as, in their opinion, Geoffrey Rush carried the first movie and they didn't want to see Orlando's attempts at acting. And they were fairly coherent, amazingly.

This was a response:

You are just jealous because you know that you will never have much talent at anything like Orlando has and that he is probably a better person than you will ever be!!

Please, either shoot me, or shoot this person. For the love of God!

(9 pieces of compassion -------- pity him)

Hehehe!!!!! [20 Aug 2005|04:36pm]

[ mood | amused ]

I meant to post this ages ago and I forgot

(3 pieces of compassion -------- pity him)

Hehe [24 Jul 2005|05:01pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Helloo all, newbie here!
You've probably seen this before, but it's hilarious so I'm going to post it anyway. :D

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

So, Orlando DOES have more than one expression, then?


(3 pieces of compassion -------- pity him)

LotR boys comics... [09 Jun 2005|07:53pm]

[ mood | amused ]

pfyre posted a very interesting comic series in lotrboys_daily and several pictures were about Orli fangirlishness, so I thought I'd share them... ;)

to the whole lot!

(4 pieces of compassion -------- pity him)

a new kind of sports... [27 May 2005|11:21pm]

[ mood | silly ]

The following recently happened during a chat between hils and drbillbongo and was started by a bottle of flavoured water on drbillbongo's desk...

hils : Water!
drbillbongo: no
hils : Sporty water
drbillbongo: bubblegum water
drbillbongo: it tastes funny
hils : Does it go jogging
drbillbongo: not yet
drbillbongo: i could throw it
hils : LOL
drbillbongo: maybe it's like a dwarf
drbillbongo: nobody tosses a bottle of water!
hils : Unless it's Legolas
drbillbongo: i would toss legolas
drbillbongo: grab him by the hair and toss him
hils : LOL! Over a hiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh wall
drbillbongo: no
drbillbongo: against a high wall
hils : LOL!
hils : And all the while he'll be stating the obvious
hils : "I just hit a wall."
hils : "Oops, there I go again"
hils : "And again"
hils : "And again"
drbillbongo: he will say: "blood has been spilled tonight - i just hit a wall"
hils : "And a...what's my name"
hils : "Mummy, is that you?"
hils : "I went bump"
hils : "Have you got a plaster?"
hils : And then he'll die

Anybody save us?

(4 pieces of compassion -------- pity him)

Oh Orlando! [27 May 2005|04:20pm]

He really does bring the mocking upon himself doesn't he

(13 pieces of compassion -------- pity him)

Bwahaha!!!!! [26 May 2005|05:02pm]

[ mood | amused ]

From screechy & unreliable UK tabloid The Sun: Hayden quitting films to be an architect!

"I don't find Hollywood interesting, so I'm thinking about studying architecture instead.

"The heartthrob actor, who plays Anakin Skywalker in the hit sci-fi series, claims that he's had enough of making movies because the industry demands too much from its stars.

He added: "A film is a product and as an actor you can only sell it if you sell yourself. You don't get to sit at the table before you're ready to give away your integrity. Maybe it works for Orlando Bloom. It doesn't for me."

(4 pieces of compassion -------- pity him)

GIP! [15 May 2005|10:55pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Thanks to flickums and our great convo, I proudly present you my new icon...

May the Force be with you. Muahahahaha!!
(6 pieces of compassion -------- pity him)

Talent, young Bloom needs. Hmmm! [15 May 2005|08:54pm]

[ mood | silly ]

With the upcoming release of Episode III, I feel the need to share this with you all.

Let this also be a lesson to all of you who feel the need to take silly quizzes!

finalfantasyflick: Maybe Orli is just trying to muscle in on Beanie's fandom.
drbillbongo : muscle?
drbillbongo : sorry, that word in the context of orli makes me snort
finalfantasyflick: He has CGI muscles!
drbillbongo : where?
finalfantasyflick: Well...you gotta squint and turn your head and...wait, that's dust on my TV. Okay, comment withdrawn.
drbillbongo : i thought so - i mean, LOOK at him
drbillbongo : muscles and whiney doesn't go together
finalfantasyflick: Must I?
drbillbongo : eh no - strike that
drbillbongo : i'm not THAT evil
finalfantasyflick: Whew. Narrow escape there!
drbillbongo : did you really think me so evil? i mean, i'm darth vader, but darth vader wouldn't torture anyone with orli
finalfantasyflick: And I'm Anakin Skywalker. So I shall now relentlessly angst for three films about how you told me to look at Orli.
drbillbongo : you might - it would definitely fill the cinemas
finalfantasyflick: *chokes Orli* "I find your lack of acting skills disturbing..."

(9 pieces of compassion -------- pity him)

interesting "troy" website... [08 May 2005|01:18am]

[ mood | amused ]

While browsing Google for suitable pictures for the banner, I stumbled over this website about "Troy" and historical accuracy.


Movie point: Helen detests Menelaus, and he wishes her dead after she leaves him for Paris.
Why it's wrong: Helen is very submissive, and is borne off without argument, and taken back by Menelaus after the war without issues. In fact, in The Odyssey, Odysseus' son Telemachus finds Menelaus and Helen together as if the war had never happened and emotions had not run high. Helen actually acknowledges her mistake in leaving for Troy. The movie would have you think she was a victim searching for love.

=> Helen regrets Paris. Aha.

Movie point: Odysseus is ready for war and recruits Achilles.
Why it's wrong: Odysseus was actually among the last of the Greek warlords to go; he wasn't keen on the idea. He tried to fake insanity to avoid going to war, and began sowing salt in his fields to prove it. The recruiting officer threw his baby in front of the plow, and Odysseus was forced to swerve, proving his sanity and getting himself sent reluctantly to the front. [On the bright side, Odysseus is just as wily in the movie as he is in The Iliad, making him pretty much the only character who retained his identity.]

=> Go, Beanie! :)

Movie point: Hector and Paris are warriors with soft spots.
Why it's wrong: Hector is as fierce as Achilles, and just about equal in strength. He doesn't spout any of the peace crap he does in the movie, he just breaks people. Paris was also softened a lot more; although he wasn't exactly a boss fighter to begin with, he wasn't as much of a pansy in The Iliad.

=> So it WAS Orli's fault, not Paris'!

But actually, I found the site because it had this particular pic...Collapse )

(pity him)

just say no... ;) [06 May 2005|10:32am]

[ mood | amused ]

Another nice banner... *giggle*

Just say NO to idiots.

I think we could make our banners just like that. Not as lj-entries, but with the link to our community under it. And with possibilities to spread the banners by copying the source code. :) I hope I made sense now.
(9 pieces of compassion -------- pity him)

[05 May 2005|10:48pm]

[ mood | amused ]

"I hope his career dies a death and that he spends the rest of his life in straight-to-video hell!"

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what my tutor had to say when someone mentioned Orlando Bloom.

He's a professor of Film so it MUST be true!

(11 pieces of compassion -------- pity him)

For the Picture Alone ::snerk:: [05 May 2005|09:16pm]

Click for larger version:

(courtesy of Amazon)
(25 pieces of compassion -------- pity him)

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